About Us

About Us

NEELI GENETIC SERVICES PVT. LTD. offers a broad range of early-stage detection and Personalized treatment of cancer disease services principally to the medical experts and health care industry. The company focuses on establishing strategic alliance and collaboration to offer its services. Neeli Genetic Services entered into agreements with RGCC International GmBH, a leading company in analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells as well as Cancer Stem Cells.

The services aim to evaluate a new technology to isolate and measure all types of suspended cancer cells, including Circulating Tumor Cells(CTCs), from blood, and thus pave the way for better cancer treatments.

Cancer with tumors that metastasize, i.e. cancer that forms secondary tumors in the body, is very difficult to cure if not discovered early. An early sign of metastasis is an increased level of CTC, Circulating Tumor Cells, in the blood.

RGCC uses, patented and innovative technologies to deliver clinically relevant oncology diagnostics to physicians by providing advanced prognostic and predictive assessments.

Diagnosis is not the end , but the begining of practice…MARTIN H FISCHER

Our Goal

Our Goal is to promote unique technology and family of laboratory tests(R.G.C.C international) to the Oncology community. The RGCC International has demonstrated that it can isolated extreme rare cells (CTCs) in millions of blood cells in patients with early stage metastatic and relapse cancers. We offer services to medical/surgical oncologists, pathologistics, hospitals, medical care centers and pharmaceutical/clinical researchers. We believe our services saves costs for the health care system.

The goal of real health care reform must be high-quality, universal coverage in a cost effective way… BERNIE SANDERS

Our Mission

Our Mission is to improve health of the patients by redefining Health services.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide the world class quality Health Care Services to everyone.

Our Values


Integrity leads to the right pathway providing proficient health services with honesty to our customers, providers, business partners, beneficiaries and fellow employees.

Patient Focused

We provide information for physicians who are treating patients who may have or are diagnosed with cancer. We treat every patient’s sample as the most important one. We respect the patients’ rights to privacy and their physician’s need for timely and accurate delivery of services.

Service Oriented

We will provide customized service with a positive attitude to all of our customers. We will provide the highest level of consideration and attention.


We are committed to compliant and ethical business practices in our dealings with all in the healthcare community.


Responsibility leads to commitment and ability to accept the consequences of our behavior. We work for excellence in everything we do. We rely upon to perform our job duties honestly and efficiently. We are responsible to bind for all the highest legal and ethical standards.


Respect to our work , team, and every individual responsible for improving the health services with dedication.