ChemoSNIP Test

ChemoSNIP Test

ChemoSNIP Test

What are Identified ?

Therapeutic Efficacy

Test Results

21 days *

Test Type

Other Test

Sample Required

Blood sample

Cancer Type

All type of Cancers

Blood Sample Qty

15-20 ml peripheral whole blood


ChemoSNiP RGCC is an innovative test that uses an advanced scientific technique called pharmacokinetics to analyze how a patient’s body will respond to a specific drug.

This provides information about DNA mutations that can affect how humans develop cancer or cancer respond to anti-cancer drugs and treatments.

ChemoSNiP includes the study of SNPs of genes that are included in the metabolism/detoxification of cytostatic or targeted drugs that are used as cancer therapy.

When used together with data from chemosensitivity testing like Onconomics Plus, it helps to narrow the selection to the most effective and least toxic therapeutic agent.

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