FEB 2023

RGCC Oncology Medical Education and Training Sessions on Tests and Therapies

A training session on RGCC TESTS and THERAPIES at RGCC Greece laboratory for Oncologists from India

Organisers: RGCC

Participants Designation Location
Dr Mandeep Singh Surgical Oncologist Delhi
Dr Harsimran Singh Surgical Oncologist Delhi
Dr Siddharth Kumar Sahai Medical Oncologist Delhi
Dr Perraju Bhaskar Bhuvan Lagudu Surgical Oncologist Visakhapatnam
Dr Sriprabha Chinchilada Radiation Oncologist Visakhapatnam
Dr Anvesh Karthik Yalavarthy Medical Oncologist Hyderabad
Dr Kalyan Seetaramaiah Vangara Surgical Oncologist Visakhapatnam
Dr Vindhya Vasini Andra Medical Oncologist Hyderabad
Dr Rajeev Vijayakumar Medical Oncologist Hyderabad