How it works

Research the tests

Read about our tests, consult with your doctor, call us to know more and to decide which is the right test for you.

Confirmation of test

Confirm your test along with the necessary patient details for the test. Sample kit to your house via courier.

Complete your test

Complete your sample collection at home by arranging a nurse or phlebotomist but don’t worry, it’s very simple and our online support team is here to help with all the instructions. Once the sample is collected, we will instruct you on how to pack the kit. We will arrange for courier pickup from our end

Testing your sample

Our scientists carry out a range of personalised tests in world class RGCC laboratory in Greece and provide a profile of treatment options that could benefit you.

Your results

Receive your results by email or through the mail, consult your doctor with the test results so that he can analyse and choose the best treatment for you. Remember, our support team is on hand to help answer any questions you might have.