Immune Frame Test

Immune Frame Test

Immune Frame Test

What are Identified ?

Immune Status.

Test Results

21 days *

Test Type

Follow-up test

Test Frequency

As required

Sample Required

Blood sample

Cancer Type

All types of Cancers

Blood Sample Qty

20 ml peripheral whole blood


Immune-Frame is used to assess the condition of a patient’s immune system. This test is used to identify specific cellular markers that are responsible for switching a patient’s immune system on and off. The results provide a personalised analysis of the strength of the immune system and can highlight potential risks a patient faces and to determine eligibility for the use of Cellular Therapies.

Mainly used for:
  • Determination of Cachexia (a.k.a. Wasting Syndrome).
  • A general state of ill health involving marked weight loss and muscle loss.
  • Presence and stimulation of DC’s (dendritic cells).
  • Specific Humoral and Cellular Immunity o Non-specific Cellular Immunity.
  • Immunosuppressive Mechanisms.
  • Activation of T and B Memory cells for long-term immunity.