Onconomics Extracts Test

Onconomics Extracts Test

What are Identified ?

CTCs (Circulating-Tumor-Cells), Natural extract Sensitivity.

Test Duration

21 – 25 days *

Test Type

Pharmacogenetic Test

Sample required

Blood sample

Cancer Type

All type of Cancers

Blood sample Qty

15-20 ml peripheral whole blood


ONCONOMICS EXTRACTS TEST, provides the detailed report on how effective natural substances and plants extracts are targeting the Tumour Cells.

These results will provide the information on effectiveness of the natural substances, so that the patients can complement these natural treatments alongside conventional medical treatments as recommended by their Doctor.

The Natural substance which we have included comes under the classification of
1.Cytotoxic Agents
2.Immune modulators or Immune stimulators
3.Growth Factor Inhibitors.


15 ml of whole blood