Onconomics Plus RGCC Test


Onconomics Plus RGCC Test

What are Identified ?

CTC’s, Drug sensitivity, Genomic Profiling and Natural Substance sensitivity information.

Test Duration

21 – 25 days *

Test Type

Pharmacogenetic Test

Sample required

Blood sample

Cancer Type

All type of Cancers

Blood sample Qty

15-20 ml peripheral whole blood


This is the most comprehensive test among all the other tests.

This test is a combination of 3 tests ONCOCOUNT, ONCONOMICS and ONCONOMICS EXTRACTS.

This test provides the detailed report on how effective specific anti-cancer treatments (cytotoxic drugs, monoclonal antibodies, small molecule that inhibitor specific targets (TKI etc). along with the effectiveness of natural substances) are targeting the Tumour Cells.

This Test also includes the report of the Genetic Profiling of each and every tumour related Genes at epigenetic levelto understand nature of cancer disease.

Onconomics Plus report is a perfect definition of personalised treatment as it gives all the necessary information to the doctors for designing the most accurate treatment plan from Conventional to the Integrative Treatment.


15 ml of whole blood