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Offering personalized tests from RGCC, our mission is to improve treatment outcomes, enhance survival rates, and elevate overall quality of life for those affected by cancer.

A personalized cancer care approach


We are changing the way of approach to cancer care

We believe in personalized treatments tailored to your unique cancer and genes. Our tests are designed to pinpoint the most effective treatment options for your cancer journey!


Choose the right test for you

Following your 30-minute value-packed consultation, our dedicated team curates the tests and therapies to support your cancer condition.


Invaluable guidance on your cancer journey

Through our comprehensive and personalized analysis, optimize your cancer journey. We are here to help you in the fight against cancer.

Choose from RGCC's wide range of tests to personalize your Cancer Journey

Why choose RGCC?

Because personalized tests are the future of cancer treatment

Every cancer is unique. So, individualized treatment is necessary to help patients win their battle against cancer. Through our steadfast commitment to cancer care and range of tests and therapies, we have improved outcomes for patients across the globe.


RGCC Testing provides valuable information about your cancer’s genetic profile, allowing our medical team to partner with your oncologist to design personalized treatment plans that target your specific cancer characteristics

Top Swiss Biotech Company 2023

RGCC has received prestigious recognition as one of the top 10 Swiss Biotech companies in 2023 by Life Sciences Review. Proudly standing alongside Switzerland’s esteemed biotech leaders, this acknowledgment underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and our continual contribution to the life sciences sector.

How it works

How to get your personalized tests done?


Book an appointment

The first step towards personalized cancer care is scheduling an appointment with us.


30 minutes value packed consultation

Upon booking the appointment, you get a consultation with our doctors to assess your cancer status.


Finding the right tests

We guide you through the process of selecting the most effective tests for your specific cancer.


Personalized results

We deliver precise results that guide treatment decisions and enhance outcomes.

Empowering cancer care with innovative RGCC solutions

We provide comprehensive and personalized analysis that has helped countless patients in their battle against cancer. Using the tools and expertise from RGCC, we deliver precise results for personalized treatment decisions to enhance outcomes.


What leading oncologists have to say!

    Dr. Ameen Noorul

    RGCC's ChemoSNiP test guides my treatment decisions with precision. It helps me tailor chemotherapy regimens to each patient's genetic profile, improving efficacy and minimizing side effects. It's an essential tool in personalized cancer care.

      Dr. Jervin Lim

      RGCC's Onco-D-clare test is a breakthrough in early cancer detection. Its accuracy enables timely intervention, improving patient prognosis and overall survival rates. A critical tool in cancer screening and prevention.

        Dr. John Soo

        Immune-Frame test provides invaluable insights into a patient's immune status. By evaluating immune function, I can tailor therapies to enhance immune response against cancer, improving treatment outcomes and patient quality of life.

          Dr. Vibha Agarwal

          "With RGCC's Onconomics Extracts Plus test, I can assess the effectiveness of natural substances with precision, incorporating gene expression analysis for personalized treatment planning. This holistic approach enhances treatment outcomes and empowers patients to explore natural therapies tailored to their needs. A game-changer in integrative oncology."

          Experience personalized cancer care with us!

          Our cutting edge diagnostics and personalised tests makes a meaningful difference in the fight against cancer.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            Absolutely, tests can be performed while undergoing treatment to assess the effectiveness of the treatment against cancer.

            RGCC tests like Metastat accurately detect the development of secondary tumors.

            Your blood sample undergoes processing in cutting-edge laboratories by scientists and technicians to deliver insights into your cancer cells.

            Tests personalize treatment regimens by providing crucial information on drugs and therapies tailored to effectively target cancer cells.

            Yes, all RGCC tests utilize blood samples. However, certain cancers, like glioblastoma and brain tumors, may require additional samples such as CSF or tissue. Otherwise, a peripheral blood sample alone is enough.

            Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) are cancer cells that have detached from the primary tumor and circulate in the bloodstream. Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) are a subpopulation of CTCs and both serve as biomarkers for cancer.

            Yes, tests like aCGH can pinpoint the origin of an unknown primary tumor by analyzing genetic abnormalities present in tumor cells.

            Indeed, tests are designed to reveal whether cancer cells are resistant or sensitivity to specific drugs and treatments.

            Start your personalized cancer journey with us!

            If you’re looking for the right tools to navigate cancer with ease, RGCC tests are your solution. We offer cutting-edge diagnostics and personalized tests to combat your cancer and enhance the outcome of your treatment. With our expertise and dedication, we’re committed to making a meaningful difference in the fight against cancer.