We have hosted events in the field of medical oncology which serve as opportunities for knowledge exchange and collaboration. The events create a space for fostering scientific breakthroughs and advancements. If you’re an oncologist looking for a unique learning experience that will elevate your patient care outcomes, join us in our upcoming events and gain exclusive access to cutting-edge insights and innovations in oncology!

The First RGCC Conference, Malaysia

RGCC first Malaysia Conference was organised in March 2024 at Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia. The conference focused on RGCC’s test and therapies and how cancer care in Malaysia could be improved these breakthrough testing methods

The conference was a two day event and was open to integrative practitioners, oncologists and doctors and approximately 60 plus clinicians were in attendance.

Dr. Ioannis papasotiriou, founder and director of RGCC led the conference and our Director Neeli Dilip Kumar was among the experts as a speaker in the conference. The conference was a great success in strengthening our efforts to revolutionize cancer care in SEA region.

RGCC Clinical Trails Investigator Meeting

RGCC has registered for Phase 1/2 clinical trail for an autologous Adoptive Cellular Therapy, in advanced colorectal cancer patients in various locations of INDIA. 

Translational Integrative Medicine in Cancer Care

The ‘Translational Integrative Medicine in Cancer Care’ event held in Hyderabad on June 9th and 10th, 2023, was a groundbreaking 2-day interactive session on Integrative Oncology.

Bringing together experts in the field, the event focused on bridging conventional and complementary approaches to cancer treatment. Attendees gained valuable insights into the latest research and practices, fostering a collaborative environment for the advancement of holistic cancer care.

RGCC Oncology Medical Education and Training Sessions on Tests and Therapies

The ‘RGCC Oncology Medical Education and Training Sessions on Tests and Therapies’ offered a specialized training opportunity at the RGCC Greece laboratory for oncologists from India. Held to enhance knowledge and expertise in RGCC tests and therapies, the event facilitated a comprehensive understanding of cutting-edge advancements in oncology.

Participants benefited from hands-on training, fostering a collaborative exchange of insights and promoting the integration of RGCC methodologies into cancer treatment practices.



What leading oncologists have to say!

    Dr. Ameen Noorul

    RGCC's ChemoSNiP test guides my treatment decisions with precision. It helps me tailor chemotherapy regimens to each patient's genetic profile, improving efficacy and minimizing side effects. It's an essential tool in personalized cancer care.

      Dr. Jervin Lim

      RGCC's Onco-D-clare test is a breakthrough in early cancer detection. Its accuracy enables timely intervention, improving patient prognosis and overall survival rates. A critical tool in cancer screening and prevention.

        Dr. John Soo

        RGCC's Immune-Frame test provides invaluable insights into a patient's immune status. By evaluating immune function, I can tailor therapies to enhance immune response against cancer, improving treatment outcomes and patient quality of life.

          Dr. Ameen Noorul

          Using RGCC's Oncocount test, I can closely monitor my patients for cancer recurrence, facilitating early detection and prompt intervention. This proactive approach enhances patient outcomes and provides reassurance during follow-up care.

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