VAXO-Q-RE Therapy

Improve the efficacy of your cancer treatment

VAXO-Q-RE is a cutting-edge immunotherapy and cancer treatment pioneered by RGCC. This therapy harnesses the power of the immune system to target and combat cancer cells effectively.

VAXO-Q-RE Therapy
Sample type
Whole peripheral blood sample
Sample Size
150ml of whole peripheral blood
Cancer type
Cancer patients with either solid tumors, or hematological malignancies, independent of the stage of the disease
Turnaround time
30 days

How it works?

VAXO-Q-RE involves the extraction of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from the patient, which are then used to isolate and expand macrophages, natural killer cells, dendritic cells, cytotoxic T lymphocytes, and antibody-producing plasma cells.

These immune cells, categorized as innate and adaptive, are activated and equipped to recognize and destroy cancer cells upon re-administration into the patient’s body.

VAXO-Q-RE – looks for – tumor expression antigen – helps in boosting the immune system’s capability.

How it helps?

Once activated, these immune cells effectively target and eliminate cancer cells expressing specific antigens.
Antibodies produced by plasma cells play a crucial role in marking cancer cells for destruction by phagocytes or complement proteins, bolstering the body's natural defense mechanisms against cancer.

Why choose VAXO-Q-RE Therapy?

The therapy is suitable for patients with solid tumors or hematological malignancies

The therapy holds promise for improving outcomes across all stages of cancer.


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Why clinicians prefer VAXO-Q-RE Therapy than other similar tests?

Dr Meghan Watts

“With tests like CAMBISeq, which identifies more than 500 oncogenes and helps determine that any changes in these oncogenes could lead to cancer. Now with these advanced tools like Next Generation Sequencing, we can pinpoint the exact gene and its mutation that is responsible for causing cancer. “

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Useful Information

Requires 150ml of blood in 5-6 blood sample vials (25-30ml in each)

It is suitable for cancer patients with solid tumors, and hematological malignancies, independent of the stage.

Immune-Frame and Oncotrace tests should be ordered along with Vaxo-Q-Re, to check the immune system and set a baseline respectively. These tests are not included in the price of Vaxo-Q-Re. To determine whether a patient is eligible for Vaxo-Q-Re is based on Immune-Frame results.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can tests be conducted during ongoing treatment?

      Absolutely, tests can be performed while undergoing treatment to assess the effectiveness of the treatment against cancer.

    • What happens to my blood sample post-testing?

      Your blood sample undergoes processing in cutting-edge laboratories by scientists and technicians to deliver insights into your cancer cells. Once testing is complete, your sample is stored for up to six months in case further analysis is needed.

    • Is a blood sample sufficient?

      Yes, all RGCC tests utilize blood samples. However, certain cancers, like glioblastoma and brain tumors, may require additional samples such as CSF or tissue. Otherwise, a peripheral blood sample alone is enough.

    • Can the origin of a tumor be determined by the tests?

      Yes, tests like aCGH can pinpoint the origin of an unknown primary tumor by analyzing genetic abnormalities present in tumor cells.

    • What tests are effective in identifying the emergence of secondary tumors?

      RGCC tests like Metastat accurately detect the development of secondary tumors.

    • How do tests personalize cancer treatment?

      Tests personalize treatment regimens by providing crucial information on drugs and therapies tailored to effectively target cancer cells.

    • What are CTCs and CSCs?

      Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) are cancer cells that have detached from the primary tumor and circulate in the bloodstream. Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) are a subpopulation of CTCs and both serve as biomarkers for cancer.

    • Do tests reveal drug resistance and sensitivity?

      Indeed, tests are designed to reveal whether cancer cells are resistant or sensitivity to specific drugs and treatments.

    Take a step forward in your cancer treatment with VAXO-Q-RE

    Are you waiting for improved outcomes in your cancer treatment? VAXO-Q-RE offers an advanced therapy model utilizing five distinct immune cells to combat cancer cells. By triggering an immune response against tumor antigens, VAXO-Q-RE empowers your body’s natural defenses to target and eliminate cancerous cells.