About RGCC

Founded by Dr. Ioannis Papasotiriou, a visionary in precision medicine and molecular oncology, RGCC stands as a world leader in cancer testing. With expertise in cancer biology, genetics, and molecular oncology, RGCC is advancing cancer care on a global scale. They has set up world-class laboratories around the globe, driving groundbreaking research and development that revolutionizes cancer treatment.

As pioneers in personalized cancer genetic tests and therapies, they’re dedicated to tailoring treatments to everyone’s unique genetic makeup. Through extensive research and development, they deliver precise, targeted solutions that improve outcomes and transform lives. RGCC’s pioneering methods are reshaping the landscape of cancer treatment, setting new standards for personalized care and innovation.

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Why choose RGCC?

The future of cancer care lies in personalized medicine, and RGCC is at the forefront of this transformative approach. Cancer is a complex disease and every cancer is unique which makes the generalized approach to cancer treatment ineffective. With one person in mind, the patient,  RGCC has developed a wide range of tests and therapies to combat this problem and improve the outcomes of the patients. The RGCC tests and therapies are not just revolutionary but also provide comprehensive insights at a fraction of the cost.


What leading oncologists have to say!

    Dr. Ameen Noorul

    RGCC's ChemoSNiP test guides my treatment decisions with precision. It helps me tailor chemotherapy regimens to each patient's genetic profile, improving efficacy and minimizing side effects. It's an essential tool in personalized cancer care.

      Dr. Jervin Lim

      RGCC's Onco-D-clare test is a breakthrough in early cancer detection. Its accuracy enables timely intervention, improving patient prognosis and overall survival rates. A critical tool in cancer screening and prevention.

        Dr. John Soo

        RGCC's Immune-Frame test provides invaluable insights into a patient's immune status. By evaluating immune function, I can tailor therapies to enhance immune response against cancer, improving treatment outcomes and patient quality of life.

          Dr. Anisha

          Using RGCC's Oncocount test, I can closely monitor my patients for cancer recurrence, facilitating early detection and prompt intervention. This proactive approach enhances patient outcomes and provides reassurance during follow-up care.

          Experience the difference of RGCC's personalized approach!

          Discover the ideal resources for managing cancer effortlessly with RGCC tests. Our advanced diagnostics and personalized assessments are designed to effectively address your cancer, improving the overall outcome of your treatment. Through our commitment, expertise, and unwavering dedication, we strive to make a significant impact in the battle against cancer.