RGCC Metastat

RGCC Metastat test is a specialized diagnostic tool that identifies specific blood-borne markers that can determine the likelihood and possible location of the development of a secondary tumour. If the patients’ cancer has the probability of metastasizing, it tends to express specific genes and proteins according to the organ that is likely to metastasize.

RGCC Immune-Frame

RGCC Immune-Frame test stands as an impactful tool for evaluating and understanding the features of the immune system. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, this test assesses specific cellular markers that are responsible for the functioning of the immune system and provides a thorough assessment of immune health. The test gauges the strength of the immune system and […]


Genetic code is inherited and it’s unique. Within our genes, different variations affect how we react to certain drugs and treatments for diseases, including cancer. The RGCC ChemoSNiP test provides information about Single Nucleotide Polymorphism that can affect how humans develop cancer or respond to anti-cancer drugs and treatments.


Recent advancements in genetics have revolutionized the ability to study chromosomes at a quick level. array Comparative Genomic Hybridization (aCGH) emerges as a potential tool capable of pinpointing the specific type of cancer by studying the abnormalities in the chromosomes. The ability to identify the primary source of cancer holds significant importance in cases of […]