RGCC Onconomics Extracts Plus

If you’re looking for viable natural treatments to complement ongoing cancer treatment, RGCC Onconomics Extracts Plus is the right test! RGCC Onconomics Extracts Plus is an extension of the RGCC Onconomics Extracts Test. The test is used to assess and analyze over 80+ genes and 50+ natural substances and treatments.

RGCC Onconomics Extracts

Worldwide, plants, natural extracts, and biological substances are employed in the treatment of cancer. Many natural substances have cancer-healing properties, but not all substances work for everyone the same. That’s where the novel test RGCC Onconomics Extracts comes into play. The test provides information on the effectiveness of 110+ chemotherapy drugs & 50+ natural substances.

RGCC Onconomics Plus

Recognizing the uniqueness of each cancer, RGCC Onconomics Plus is a comprehensive test provided by RGCC. It comprises not one, not two, but three distinct assessments. Through this multi-faceted approach, it offers unparalleled insights into the individualized response of patients to specific treatments. More than 110+ chemotherapy drugs, 50 natural substances, and 80+ genes are tested to know the […]

RGCC Onconomics

RGCC Onconomics is a test useful for designing personalized treatment plans for each patient. The test assesses the efficacy of 110+ plus anti-cancer and also incorporates genetic profiling of 80 Plus cancer-related genes, providing insights into how gene expressions and physiological characteristics manifest the cancer.